About Adri Sinclair

Adri Sinclair - Romance Author
Adri Sinclair – Romance Author

She writes romance in several categories, majority of it clean but not always Disney-like. Adri’s books recommend readers who are keen to explore new ideas of old tropes.

They should be able to be in it for the long haul and if nothing else – her books require an adventurer with a keen sense for paranormal, relationships, the macabre and an appetite for prose.

Adri Sinclair is first and foremost a romance author – what that means to her, is deep emotional and mental connections through relationships.

Adri is Afrikaans, grew up with four brothers and lived in South Africa. She now lives with her husband and daughter in London, Uk and enjoys being a hobbyist Author. Adri write for pleasure but won’t say no to fame, should it choose her as a companion.

Adri Sinclair is also the Founding Owner of Author Cafe.