Blog: I don’t play well with others.

It is true.

It is more true when I dig into my writing and spend a bit of time with ‘people’ I actually like. Even the ones I do not like (villains) I like.

I suppose in a way it is a side-effect of being a loud introvert. That is a thing! I am not the quiet sort of introvert that remains invisible even when they are visible. I am the sort of introvert that says: “If you need me, I’m here.” Then I sit back and wait for you to need me. When you do, I am all balls to the walls and getting shit done because … You needed me. You gave me the honour of helping, by asking.

But once in a while I come across the martyr-verts. Yes, that is a thing I just made up. These are the people who will not ask for help (initially) but who will sob, sulk and moan until they’re noticed. From far and wide people RUNNNNN to offer help. And then … They still don’t ask, but oh boy do they delegate? This is when my introvert-self becomes loud. This is when I stop playing nice with others. This is when I withdraw into my own little corner and watch people tear each other apart while trying to please martyr-verts. I refuse to play that game.

So when you see me. When you hear me say something. Take me at my word for it. Take me on face value. But do not take me for a fool.

I don’t play nice with others … Especially when I spend time in my own world, where I like everyone ….